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Our experience for the highest quality of recording with best microphone and audio converter.

You have good sounding recorded tracks on your laptop. Get a professional mix to make your songs sound great like a record.

Mastering is the final step of the recording process, for optimize dynamic & eq in every track. 


Dubbing - ADR & post-production for all types of audiovisual works.

2TouchRecording Studio

Located in south of Tenerife near the ocean, 2Touch Studio is a beautiful space where record, mix and mastering your music.


We offer the best analog and digital outboard solutions for boost up the essential character of your existing mix or recording material.


Dubbing, ADR and post-production for all types of audio-visual works. Our clients can direct or follow the sessions from their studios and offices around the world thanks to the different options of connectivity that we provide (Sessionlink-Zoom-Skype) with our fast optical fiber connection.




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